Your Google Ranking for Your Website and Your Competition!

2019 Google rankings determine the profitability of most local businesses

Reason for writing this: If you don’t rank on the first page of Google then how do you expect to be  found online? What are the best ways to start getting new customers and retain them?

Solution: Find out your local Google ranking by using Google Chrome Incognito. Compare your website to your competitor’s website. Then make yours better. This is the basics of any business that wants to be competitive online. There are more details below.

Google It

Everyone is Googling what they want online. Doesn't it make sense that you be seen, online visually?

It's Google's baby. Lots of free tools.


My Website's Google Ranking

A Problem: Google searches are sometimes NOT what you expect

When you’re using Google to search for things, it watches what you search for and then tries to figure out what you want. So when you do the same repetitive search, Google may display a completely different result than what other people are seeing for the same search.

 Google may display a website higher on your results page than on everyone else’s. In other words, your results may be different from someone doing the same search for the same thing.

There is a way to get the true result of your website’s Google ranking without paying for it.

The Solution: Use Google Incognito

Chrome, go to File >> New Incognito Window

Now it’s simple as typing in your keyword. A keyword is used when someone is making a search. If you owned a real estate company in New Orleans then a basic keyword would be “Homes for sale in new orleans” or “Rentals in new orleans”.

The formula for searches for products and services in your local area should be something like this.

“Item in Location”

Examples of other searches could be

“Italian Restaurants in Phoenix”

“B&B in Red Hook New York”

“Steak in Amarillo”

These search terms are also known as “KEYWORDS”.


7 Important Items for your Google Ranking
  • Your Google Ranking Free
  • 100% Free Keyword Research
  • Who gets 33% of Traffic?
  • What's a keyword worth?
  • How to beat competition?
  • How to compare websites?
  • Mobile & Tablet Required
How many people are searching for your keyword?


100% Free Keyword Research Tool

A Problem: How many times is a keyword searched each month?

If the keyword you choose isn’t searched much then it has low volume. If your website has good content the search engines still can send you lots of traffic. Just remember that it’s not an exact science.

You can have low volume keywords as those are important to get traffic now. Search volume for ALL tools is just an estimate. It’s not exact as you can see in this video. Remember that sometimes Google takes a bunch of low volume keywords and sends a lot of traffic to a website.

When you get a keyword report, the amount of times that a keyword is searched per month (keyword volume) is rounded down. In other words if a keyword is searched 15 times a month then the volume will show at 10 times a month. So when you see a keyword showing 0 times a month it could have 0-9 times a month search volume.

Having a number of low competition keywords can add up to large volumes of traffic. Just like saving pennies can add up to dollars. Most websites have a lot of keywords but remember that you have to have good content which determines your position in the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo).

The Solution: A free tool to get keyword volumes
Install Keywords Everywhere Google Chrome Extension <-- Open in Chrome. If you haven't installed Chrome then the link for doing so is above.

Once you have installed Chrome and Keywords Everywhere then you’ll be able to search for a keyword. On the right hand side will be a list of similar terms with monthly keyword estimates, rounded down to 10s. An example is a search volume of 8 would be rounded down to 0. So a keyword with 0, many times is getting searched more than 0 times a month.

Up on the top there is the monthly search estimate for the specific keyword you searched for, round down to the 10’s value also.

Down at the bottom you can download all the keywords by pressing Add All Keywords button and then pressing the Export CSV button.

Add All Keywords Button & Export CSV Button on the bottom of the page
Pressing the Export Button You'll Get a List of Keywords
Chrome Extensions

Link: Over 8500 Google Chrome Extensions


After Google Search, Result Pages

A Problem: We know how many times people are searching for a keyword but what result gets most of the clicks?
The Solution: Search Engine Watch gives us the answer

Using Keywords Everywhere Chrome extension we can do some research. We want to find out if there is enough people interested in a car wash in Orlando Florida. So our keyword is “Orlando Car Wash”.

Keyword: "Orlando Car Wash" searched 170+ times a month.

Now once you search “Orlando Car Wash” then you get the result page. 

In the above example you’ll see that just below the map is the organic area. This is the free search area and according to Search Engine Watch, that first position get’s about 33% of the attention. That’s much more than any other result on the page.

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