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Here are a few websites that we are working on:

#2 on Google for “Veterans Oasis Park” Right Now!

Release Estimate: April 15th


New websites coming out in April:

Everything about Prescott Arizona

Release Estimate: April 15th

Everything about Chandler Arizona

Release Estimate: April 21st

Renters, Landlords, and Property Management

Release Estimate: April 26th

Reputation Management

Release Estimate: May 3rd

Local City Marketing

Release Estimate: April 16th






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Thomas G. Rendleman
My name is Thomas Glynn Rendleman. I’ve been into computers since 1979 when I made my first computer program. One of the first projects I created was a disc that couldn’t be copied even with the most powerful copy program at the time (Locksmith).

The secret was slowing down and speeding up the drive during the initialization of the disc. 😉

Currently I am traveling the US. Here are some areas that I’ve traveled in the past. Duke Rendleman’s Hiking Trails with 18,000+ views


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